Why you would love them?

100% Comfort

Painless heels – sounds impossible but hey that’s why innovation exist. We have studied the foot anatomy and even patented our sole technology. Give them a try – your feet will thank you later

Quality materials

It’s like cooking – if you put good ingredients nothing can go wrong. We’re using only premium grade hides, imported from Italy to the manufacturers in Portugal, to ensure an unbeatably quality and feeling

Consciously made

Slow fashion is not only a buzz word for us. We believe that we’re leaving a mark on this planet and we care for our craftsman. After all things made with love last longer

Still not sure? Check what the others think about our stilettos

“A pair of shoes that will make her look epic.”

“All day heels we’ve only gone and found the holy grail.”

"Feature in Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition"

“The sexy look of high heels, but the comfort of a pair of slippers?”