Real Life Cinderella: Finding the Perfect Size

Real Life Cinderella: Finding the Perfect Size

By Hello Sargossa

Real Life Cinderella: Finding the Perfect Size

 “Oh, I can fit into a 37 if I try”

“These heels look painful but I’m going to make them work”

“I’ve seen this on SJP and I’m not leaving without them”

– we’ve all been there before, forcing our feet to fit into a pair of heels we fell in love with, but they didn't actually fit perfectly.

To help you avoid these incidents and spare you from all the pain, this article gathers the main reasons why choosing the wrong size isn’t going to work.

How It Usually Starts

Finding the perfect size can be a bit of a nightmare, especially with high fashion shoes. Maybe the fit is right, but the toes are incredibly narrow. Maybe they are a bit too big but they ran out of your true size and you need the heels for your night out asap. There are endless ways someone can end up with a closet full of uncomfortable shoes that simply don’t fit.

Unfortunately, I used to have the same problem: looking at 5 different pairs of heels I owned, knowing very well they were not going to be comfortable enough to party through the whole night. I still did wear them anyway, hoping they wouldn’t be too bad, but after one occasion, I seriously had to reflect on this bad habit.

It was a New Year’s Eve Party a few years ago, I squeezed my feet into a 38 (which at the time thought was my real size) and went through absolute hell. After that night, it was time to for a wardrobe clean-out and finally finding the right shoe size.

So… What Did I Do About It?

I know, realising the problem is one thing, but finding a solution is a lot harder. The first step for me was accepting that shoes aren’t like a tight Little Black Dress or jeans that I can squeeze into if I try. Finding the perfect heels require effort, energy and time, so I started the process with…

  • Researching more and more about the topic: while learning more, I realised that there are many factors that can manipulate a shoe’s sizing, including unfitted insoles and pointed toes (making a 38 turn into a 36.5)
  • Measuring my feet: although it doesn’t sound like the most fun activity, my feet thanked me for it later

After taking my time and making conscious shopping decisions, my feet have changed for the better. When finally wearing heels my size, the possibility of blisters, muscle ache and ingrown toenails was nowhere to be found. This has not only made me feel more confident, but also made my 10 hour long days spent in heels a lot easier.

This was all pre-Sargossa, probably an inner motivation to create heels that do not cause any pain. Knowing the possible risks now, I’d like to ensure my customers learn more about this – so please, make sure to choose the right size! Besides the discomfort, blisters and ruining a night, the wrong-sized heels can cause various long-term deformities. Don’t be afraid to go up a size when you’re unsure or ordering online, and lose the habit of convincing yourself to fit into smaller shoes.

Unsure About Your Size?

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