Our main mission is to support women. Our goal is to give women all over the world the opportunity of not having to sacrifice style for comfort or comfort for style. We want to offer women both. We achieve our goals by crafting bases for high heel shoes that provide comfort, without compromising the style of the shoes.

Extensive research & craftsmanship

The road to creating the collection was paved with two years of extensive research with top foot surgeons and engineers to understand the nuances of feet and how to achieve that perfect chemistry between heel height and comfort.

Crafted on a specially developed shoemaker’s last, a Sargossa shoe is a perfectly formed heel which declines at the optimum level that allows body weight to be much more evenly distributed from heel to toe. So instead of being tilted forward, it eases off the front of the foot to avoid the pain we’re all so used to. It’s around this seamless base that we create beautiful designs.

The patented insole

Each pair is complete with a specially integrated insole, a patent pending insole (#1402326.1) that’s crafted with medical grade memory foam that provides shock-absorbing cushioning. We’ve also added a bouncy spring pad at the heel, which reliefs the pressure of each step in the shoe. Also, to keep your feet breathing there are 146 tiny air pockets in the insoles to wick away moisture from the feet so that the insole remains in place and your foot rides on a cushion of air.

Quality & design

Did you know that cheap footwear, made of faux leather, is actually made of plastic, which comes from recycled plastic bottles? This is for sure a shortcut to blisters on your feet. At Sargossa we only use premium grade hides to ensure an unbeatably soft and relaxing feeling. Additionally, a three-stage dying process ensures we get exactly the right colour and finish.

We never compromise style for comfort, or comfort for style. We offer women both. Let’s not forget to pay extra attention to some of the details; For example, by having a little zipper at the ankle, your foot can be held neatly in place. It looks stylish and your foot will thank you for the extra balance.

Founder Nanna Liv

Why is it okay for a pair of stilettos to leave a woman limping by the end of the evening just because the shoes are beautiful to look at? Why do women accept this discomfort, who are they satisfying? And who finds limping out of discomfort sexy? This makes no sense to me. It has never made any sense to me. As someone who wears stilettos for work, as part of my professional appearance, I don’t see why I have to choose between shoes that look fabulous and shoes that I can actually walk comfortably in.

If this is something you can relate to, then you’re life is about to change. Because rather than accepting all that ‘No pain, no gain’ nonsense, I decided to do something practical about it and created a high fashion shoe company that is like no other brand.

It’s called Sargossa.

Now, whatever your lifestyle is, you can wear stylish shoes without having to compromise comfort.