"Why is it okay for a pair of stilettos to leave us limping by the end of the evening, just because the shoes are beautiful to look at? This makes no sense to me! I decided to dedicated 2.5 years to learn all about feet and shoes, and in 2014 I launched Sargossa. We are making a healthier high heel that you actually feel stabilised and comfortable in. In 2018 we received our patent for our innovative way of crafting Sargossa shoes. 

Now, whatever your lifestyle is, you can wear stylish shoes without having to compromise on comfort

 - Nanna Liv, Founder 


So, why would you jump on it and try a pair?  Let me tell you my 3 core beliefs for Sargossa:


Healthier Heels! Sounds impossible? but hey that’s why innovation exist. We have studied the foot anatomy and even patented our sole technology. Read about it in details here

Quality materials It’s like cooking – if you put good ingredients nothing can go wrong. We’re using only premium grade hides, imported from Italy to the manufacturers in Portugal, to ensure an unbeatable quality and feel

Consciously made on Ethical Factories. Slow fashion is not only a buzzword for us. We believe that we’re leaving a mark on this planet and we care for our craftsman. After all, things made with love and attention last longer.