Sargossa on a mission

Sargossa is on a mission to inspire a stiletto revolution.

Never before has it felt so comfortable to look sexy.

Invented from a need

“I always wore stilettos for work as part of my professional appearance, but found they were very painful for my feet and I was forever changing between different pairs during the day to try and get comfortable,” says Nanna Liv, “so I decided to design my own stilettos, that would not only look great but also make my feet feel fabulous.” Nanna Liv, launched with the aim of solving the age-old riddle; “Why is it not possible to purchase beautiful stilettos that are comfortable to wear?”

Extensive research

The road to creating the collection was paved with two years of extensive research with top foot surgeons and engineers to understand the nuances of feet and how to achieve that perfect chemistry between heel height and comfort.

Invention holds a patent

A Sargossa Stiletto is a perfectly formed heel, which declines at the optimum level, with beautiful designs created around a seamless base.

Each pair is complete with a specially integrated, patent pending insole (#1402326.1), made to create a cushion of comfort.

The use of medical-grade, shock-absorbing foam gives the ultimate wearing experience. With one’s weight seemingly off one’s feet.

Luxury at your feet

Craftsmanship and luxurious quality are at the very core and each shoe is perfectly put together with a demanding lifestyle in mind. Designed to comfortably take you through your day in style whatever your schedule demands.

In the press

Featured in Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition

Shortlisted as Designer of the year 2016 &
Best innovation in footwear 2016

“Sargossa heels, which are comfortable all day long thanks to specially designed cushioned insoles.”

“A pair of shoes that’ll make her look epic in and she’ll be able to run back to your place”

“The sexy look of high heels, but the comfort of a pair of slippers?”

“If heels are non-negotiable, then I hear reports that Sargossa's styles are the closest thing to walking on a cloud you’ll want to experience on a plane”

“Sargossa makes the best padded insoles I’ve ever come across, without compromising on heel height or design”

“All day high heels we've only gone and found the holy grail”

“The comfiest high heel in the world”

Founder Nanna Liv

“Stiletto designers have historically been men, who have not had to walk in them, which shows! It’s assumed that we, as women, will blindly accept the saying ‘No pain, no gain’ and I want to put an end to that. Which is why my design process began with studying the anatomy of feet and not design.

Shoe lovers have traditionally had a choice between shoes that look good and shoes that are comfortable, but with Sargossa I want to bridge this gap without sacrificing on comfort or style.


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