At Sargossa, we do not just want to change the face of footwear. We want to do our part to make an impact on the changes there needs to happen in the world when it comes to especially production.

As part of our commitment to a greener economy and protection of the environment, we have made the foundation of a strong CSR strategy.
The implementation of the strategy will ensure that we run our business in respect of sustainability and social responsibility. Our aim is that sustainable behaviour becomes an integrated part of our daily life at Sargossa, which naturally will be reflected in each pair of shoes we present you for.

Long lasting business relationship with our production partners is of high importance to us. These are partners that share our aim of continuous reduction of our environmental footprint. This will ensure the ideal way of implementing our CSR strategy.

 Our full overview of actions for 2019 and 2020 will be represented in December 2018, with full description of actions taken to date and actions to be taken in the future.

We believe in a Slow Fashion and taking care of our environment..

..and we want you to understand exactly what significant choices we take in the process of crafting our footwear.