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She was so happy about the shoes that she persisted on wearing them for her birthday party instead of putting them on the gift table. Luckily, the size was just right, and after 6 hours in heels, she didn’t have sore feet. So it looks like this might become an expensive summer, seeing all the crosses she made in your catalogue, which came with the shoes.



Your company is absolutely revolutionary and I really can’t explain how grateful I am to know that there is a company there who takes foot care into consideration when making heels. Every woman should and will own a pair of Sargossa heels.


How very kind and what a lovely, lovely gift – thank you so much. I really do love them (and all my Sargossa heels!) As soon as I am home from my holiday to Spain I’ll be buying more…in the meantime thank you again. Looking forward to choosing my next pair of heels J



Just wanted to once again thank you SO much for my beautiful shoes. Everywhere I go, people comment on them, and one woman I met the other day, went directly to your homepage and ordered a pair!
Can’t wait till the grey half boot comes home! Fell totally in love at CIFF!



The shoes are gorgeous – thank you so much. I don’t think I will be able to wear regular heels ever again – they are a dream! I will definitely be recommending them to all of my friends. So hopefully, they’ll be on the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year.


I have always struggled for comfort and height after knee operations and my idea of heels were wedges. Truly, Sargossa heels have changed everything. They strike the perfect balance which fashion rarely manages; they’re almost too comfortable to be true and they look incredible. What more could a girl want?



Had last Saturday my new purple Sargossa Inspire style letter on to the wedding. A long and lovely day (over 12 hours) with many standing conversations and dancing – but absolutely fantastic no sore feet also many comments for my beautiful shoes. Thanks to the comfortable and attractive Sargossa stilettos.



Dear Nanna,

Thanks so much for sending the glorious shoes! Those shoes are going to change a lot of people’s lives.



The level of detail in your packaging and the beauty and comfort of your shoes are truly amazing. I have never had a pair of heels so comfortable or beautiful. I will be a returning customer and cannot wait to wear them now J I was surprised at how quickly they were exchanged for another pair too and really appreciate your help with this.



Love my new Sargossa shoes, working in events I need style, quality and comfort and these fit the bill for all, highly recommended!

I am looking to buy the ones I have in nude soon too and a pair of black plain court shoe heels when you have some, as they are that comfortable and nice

I’m definitely your number 1 fan!


My beautiful boots have arrived and fit well. Thanks again for truly fabulous customer service!



My wife found these very comfortable for heels of this type – and she is able to wear them through a whole evening.

Among her colleagues and friends, this has been discussed frequently and many adore them. If she figures out she wants more Sargossa, we’ll be back to you.


I got my shoes on Friday, and wore them Saturday evening. Danced in them the whole evening. They are fabulous!


Thank you for your e-mail! I am happy to hear that you’ve decided to product some of your beautiful stilettos in size 42 – thank you again for this great service, I hope a lot of girls with size 42 feet gets a pair!


Love my shoes! So glad you were featured at the Victoria and Albert’s “Shoes: Please and Pain exhibit so more of us could know about you. The raves are so true – both the heels and the flats are the most comfortable and the most fashionable shoes I own. FINALLY a designer who has proven that comfort shoes do not need to look dowdy. Each shoe is constructed entirely of luscious, supple suedes and leathers – a quality standard rarely seen nowadays. I am so thrilled you found the purple Momentums in my size. I walked almost 8 miles sightseeing today in my Wonder sandals – unbelievably comfy!! The icing on the cake is the great use of slogans engraved on the soles – fun and oh so true!! Last but not least, love the beautiful gift box each pair arrived in. Thanks for the excellent customer service – PLEASE sell in the US!



Your customer service is fantastic!


I’m finally on the plane with my shoes safely packed away.
I really enjoyed meeting you, I love what you’re doing and you, personally are very impressive Nanna.



Turns out DHL left the package in the Postal Office…luckily, I managed to snatch them before they sent them back. My new shoes are wonderful, so again, thank you for a great product and service J



My Momentum sandals have just arrived. I love both styles of shoes that I now have…and so pleased that I found your company through the feature on The Guardian. I know I will wear them all the time.


Thank you for going up and beyond to ensure I received my shoes! They have arrived and are looking good in the collection! A devoted Sargossa fan



Thank you very much for excellent customer support



I love the shoes: I’ve worn the pairs I have to weddings and work and they really are amazingly comfortable, and edgy to boot. What a relief to have no more blisters and burning soles! Will be back for more soon, thank you again!


Yay! I finally got my shoes late today!! I love them I love them I love them!! All smiles!


I received the most lovely pair of sandals from you last week – I have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I am away on holiday (and taking all my Sargossa shoes with me) from this Friday and when I am back I intend to get most of your shoes for the autumn and winter, they are a pleasure to look at and to wear!



LOVE your shoes, they are so comfortable and gorgeous. First purchase and certainly not the last!



Thank you for great customer service! Great to finally find some comfy and pretty shoes J



Thank you so much for your fantastic service! It’s not the last time I buy Sargossa!



Really enjoying my new purchase, the styles are brilliant and even the stilettos are super comfortable. I’m enjoying spreading the word as I receive compliments from friends. Thanks for the great service when I needed to exchange as I ordered the wrong size. Getting the correct size sent through was very quick and was appreciated.


[no name]

Love, love, love! My Glow shoes arrived on Wendesday and I wore them for about 12 hours at a race day on Thursday. Amazing…brand new heels, 12 hours on and super comfy. I await stock of Redefined black, my next purchase!



Thank you for the prompt and great service – I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


You’re the most intelligent, thoughtful, generous company I have EVER encountered. And trust me when I tell you, I’ve bought a lot of shoes!

I can’t tell you how much that gesture touched me…I know I had just bought quite a few pairs from you but the gift was so unexpected. I’d be a loyal customer even if you guys weren’t that awesome because I have oddly shaped feet and a love of high heels. Until I found Sargossa, my feet were crying. For 43 years! Thank you so much. I just love you guys and have no intention of buying shoes from anyone else ever again. Please let me know the MINUTE you start making ankle boots with heels or any kind of shoes. I’m obsessed with your products and just sold all my old, expensive but nasty designer stilettos online because I’d worn them once and been in pain. There’s nothing sexy about shoes if the woman wearing them can’t walk without wincing in pain. You guys are going to EXPLODE this year. I mean it. I hope you’re ready J


a year ago
Sargossa makes beautiful and oh so comfortable high heel shoes. It seems too good to be true but it isn't. I own two pairs and they are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned. They are well made, they are stylish, the fit is perfect and the ones I purchased are timeless. They are worth every penny. I'm in love!
Anne Hertz
a year ago
Sargossa shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world, no less! That being said, they are also stunning to look at, beautifully made and will make anyone wearing them feel very special. You can wear them all day and then to dinner and dancing afterwards!!!
Pernille Dam
a year ago
Wonderful as well as comfortable shoes - BUT they are just too narrow for my feet. I would love the option of a wider fit!
a year ago
I have bought three pairs of Sargossa shoes and introduced three of my friends to them too.
Beutiful stilettos you can find anywhere but none other are this comfortable. …
Sonia Diaz
a year ago
I bought a beautiful pair of sandals, super comfortable, very different and stylish.
Love them and I am thinking in getting my second pair.
Noora Virta
a year ago
Shoes are as good as promised, honestly best (and prettiest) two pairs of heels I've ever had. Worth every penny :) Excellent customer service too.
Sussi Petersen
a year ago
I am the happy owner of 3 pairs of Sagossa. I don't wear high heels in my everyday life, at all - therefor my feet normally hirts even before I am out of the house on my way to the party, with other high heels on. But with these shoes I can …More
Amalie Just Nielsen
a year ago
These shoes are absolutely amazing! I'll recommend them for every woman looking for a pair of quality stilettos!
Michelle Jaffa
2 years ago
Excellent customer service, finding a suitable pair of comfortable heels for work is always stressful but after speaking with one of the team members I couldn't be more satisfied. The time taken to acknowledge my style and colour preferences was much appreciated I felt like I had a personal shopper! Thanks again guys
David Rosendahl
a year ago
Very comfortable, but after just 2 years with very little use the inner parts of both soles fell apart completely. Despite priding themselves on quality, Saragossa would not fix the shoes.
virgeda jackaite
a year ago
Beautiful shoes!! Super comfy as well. Easy to wear all night long! Thank you Sargossa!
J A Berthelsen-Mustafa
a year ago
What a concept! Unique designs and more importantly, ultimate comfort. Hats off to the mind behind this invention
VAYU bikini
a year ago
Great experience purchasing the shoes that I've been waiting for. Thank you so much for the great customer service !
Mershel Kuah
a year ago
Best collection of shoes ever! Fashionable and the heels are super comfy!
Aida Povilaitytė
a year ago
Have more than two pairs of Sargossa Stilettos and can definitely say they are the most comfortable high heels I have ever owned.
Goda Ra
a year ago
Products are beautiful and Customer service is just amazing ! Thank you for my most comfortable heels in the history !
Margarita j
a year ago
I love your brand and post on ig!❤️ Everything looks so pretty!✨👠
Raquel Río González
a year ago
lovely shoes, look very comfortable! and great website
Alice Evans
a year ago
Amazing Shoes. Great site generally!
Greta Santockytė
a year ago
most comfy heels and love the design! Love it!
Kaja lassen
a year ago
Fantastic and fast service-both on E-mail and orders.
Per Jøssang
a year ago
Nice shoes and very good customer service !
Austina Povilaityte
a year ago
Comfortable. Classy. Chic. Yes they are!
Maria Zujeva
a year ago
Great shoes every woman should have!
Nalina Giacopazzi
2 years ago
Love love love Sargossa shoes!!! A must in every woman's feet have never been so looked after...
Don't leave home without it.....
Ann-Christine Roope
a year ago
Amazing shoes that look great and are so comfortable!!
Tamara Gorodetska
2 years ago
If I could, I would put 6 stars! The new level of comfort and great selection. Thank you Sargossa!
Louise Bü
a year ago
Great shoes - design and colors!
Gerda Obelieniūtė
a year ago
The perfect mix of style and comfort!
Constanze-Sophie Pilger
a year ago
Fantastic Heels, super comfy loooovee them !!!
Cecilie Brejnholm
2 years ago
Very nice customer service and always comfortable and pretty shoes.
Maryna Storchak
2 years ago
Sexy and no-pain high heels do exist! now I know...:) I am not a huge fan of a kitten heel thats why I just looove sargossa stilettos. They are not only comfortable but also look cool
Vaida Milius
a year ago
Amazing shoes! Love them!
Elizabeth Ariko
a year ago
Gorgeous heels and so comfortable!!! Best made shoes!!!
Charlotte Nørgaard Olesen
a year ago
Love the comfort so much
Emily Walker
a year ago
Love this site, amazing shoes!
Tine Anbo
a year ago
My favorite boots and shoes this fall🍁
12340 Addison
a year ago
By far my favorite heels of any I have every owned!
Mantas Povilaitis
a year ago
Great customer service!
Milda Lasauskaitė
a year ago
Great, comfy heels, Love them!
Melissa Jensen
2 years ago
I have just purchased my 10th pair! I used to buy Prada, Miu Miu and Chanel stilettos, it was a pleasure buying them, but not a pleasure walking in them, which meant they rarely got used or i had to bring shoes to change. After trying on …More
Alyson Pendlebury
2 years ago
Amazing designs, outstanding comfort, matched by the wonderful customer service. Thank you!
Signe Lund
a year ago
Lovely shoes, very comfortable
Mantas Povilaitis
a year ago
great customer service
Eevamaria Koskinen
a year ago
Perfect heels for office!
Susanne Rasmussen
a year ago
Very satisfied 😊
Chelsey Porter
a year ago
Beautiful, comfortable shoes!
Jane Le Surf
a year ago
I was not happy with my shoes as they were too narrow and when I enquired about wide fit shoes I got no response.
Julia M
a year ago
Lovely, sexy, comfy shoes!
Anastasiya Perzar
2 years ago
Simply amazing shoes ! Love Sargossa!
Caroline Jørgensen
a year ago
Amazing shoes!
Joan Frøkiær
a year ago
Extraordinary elegance.
Rikke Borup
a year ago
Forkælelse fra yderst til inderst! Skoen er let, blød og afsindig rar at have på - og ikke alene er denne SMUKKE sko fantastisk behagelig at bære - den ankommer også i den skønneste, delikate æske, som jeg ikke nænner at sætte væk. Det var mit første - men bestemt ikke mit sidste par!
Alison Zerny
a year ago
Jeg fik den bedste behandling af Sargossa.
Jeg fik god vejledning og der blev gjort alt hvad de kunne for at hjælpe mig, de er meget serviceminded! De får mine varmeste anbefalinger og jeg skal helt sikkert handle med dem igen!
Susanne Høj Kristensen
a year ago
De bedste stilletter nogensinde:-))) og smukke.
Havde jeg råd, købte jeg KUN Sargossa.
Mette Mynderup Jensen
2 years ago
Jeg ELSKER mine Sargossa. For første gang nogensinde, et par stilletter jeg med glæde kan have på på arbejde en hel dag! Glæder mig til hver morgen at pimpe mit outfit up med en ny farve. Tak fordi i er til :)
elsebeth anbo
a year ago
Sargossa-sko er elegante
og har en fantastisk pasform .
Value for money!