High Heels, High Standards

“A Sargossa shoes is a healthier high heel that stabilises the foot on a comfortable footbed. Now, whatever your lifestyle, you can wear heels for hours without having to compromise on comfort or style.

- Nanna Liv, Founder

British patent ID: GB2522923


In 2018 we received a patent for the development of the "360 Motion Insole". An innovativ insole, that takes off pressure from the forefront of you foot and redistribute the bodyweight towards the heel, making it possible to wear heels much longer.

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The Founder

Nanna Liv spend 2.5 years doing research to understand the nuances of feet and spoke to sector eksperts in both the footwear and health industry, to get an in-depth knowledge about the ins and out of shoemaking and the anatomy of the foot.

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Made in Portugal


We are working closely with family-owned factories in Portugal that have accumulated vast experience with shoe making for generations. Their expertise and thorough handling, combined with our 360 Motion Insole provides the recipe for comfortable and stylish shoes, worn by women around the world.

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