What is Sustainable & Slow Fashion actually all about

What is Sustainable & Slow Fashion actually all about

By Hello Sargossa

What is Sustainable & Slow Fashion actually all about

We are used to the fast fashion, but no surprise, the change is happening, and Sargossa are at the front seat in this change. We want to do a huge impact in the footwear industry with only using raw mateirals made sustainable right, and we are all about slow fashion, crafting a premium product that shall teacher the customer to buy less but better.

But what does these "buzz" words actually mean?

We had a chat with the Canadian blogger Elena from The Curious Button about this daring topic, and asked her for her definition of the buzz words.

Elena describes herself as a Feminist and Conscious consumer and Slow fashion fan, so we found no better person to take advice from then her, to give us the perfect definition made with our user words:

So here it comes:

Sustainable Fashion: This refers to the effects the production has on the environment. This includes the use of pesticides in growing cotton, other natural, sustainable fabrics, the dyes used for various colours, water and waste treatment, energy reduction, using recycled materials, and sometimes even packaging. The list of opportunities to be a more sustainable fashion brand goes on and on.

Slow Fashion: This generally refers to the style, design and quality of the product itself, as well as the intention behind how it was made (a.k.a. – not a fast fashion brand). It involves buying raw materials from durable fabrics, and crafting a product with caution and attention to each detail of material used, and staying true the brands own dna and away from fluctuating trends. 

And the quick takeaway from this by Elena:

Sustainable Fashion – concerns the environment.

Slow Fashion – concerns the product itself.


Buy less and buy better.


Image kindly provided by Nikolaj Beyerlind