All About Sustainability: Why Investing in Quality Is Worth It

All About Sustainability: Why Investing in Quality Is Worth It

By Hello Sargossa

All About Sustainability: Why Investing in Quality Is Worth It
Give us a pair of refined stilettos please, it's time we learn more about where and how our shoes are made! Being a conscious brand, the Sargossa team is a firm believer in slow fashion and the "choose well, make it last" philosophy. 

Why do we think sustainability is an important concept? Keep on reading!


6 Reasons Why Slow, Sustainable Fashion is Unique 
  1. The Designs

I dream and create all my designs based on the fact that Sargossa shoes are one of a kind, heels you won’t find in high street stores. Keeping comfort and aesthetics as priorities, the designs are inspired by all the beautiful things surrounding me and are impacted by the idea of slow fashion.

  1. The Materials

You probably would be surprised how much time and energy can go into researching materials. Our team is dedicated to deliver perfection, which starts with providing the best materials. Responsibly sourced from Germany, Italy and Spain, these fabrics are guaranteed to last (and they are also not plastics, which we write more about here)

  1. The Production can be like a Trial-Error process

After the designs are ready, it’s all about the production, and by fare the most time-consuming steps. The number of hours spent on stitching and pressing the insole into the shoes quickly adds up. Although it’s a complex project, and the trial-error method is a huge part of production, it’s honestly worth every minute spend. Trying out every single design and going back to the drawing board until all feels right, is a part of why we say "slow fashion" and we wouldn’t do it differently, we will rather do less shoes to deliver perfection.

  1. The Small Details

Details can make or break a design, so our team ensures that all of them are on point. Besides having a perfectly constructed shoes and high-quality materials, it’s the details that truly finish off the shoes. Over the years, the quotes have become one of our customers' most-loved features about our heels. From me creating these quotes individually to seeing them empower women is simply fantastic.The quotes are inspiring, unique and go hand in hand with our stilettos.

  1. The Outcome

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be worth it if the outcome wasn’t outstanding. The finished heels are the perfect representation of craftsmanship made by hands in quality materials. They are made by true passion and the aim of serving you with a much more healthy high heel there is comfortable for your foot. 

  1. Respecting people and the environment

With our sustainable system, we create a full circle of respecting the creators, the workers, the customer and the environment surrounding us. When creating Sargossa, I didn’t want to make it “part good”, I knew I wanted to create a brand  that women all over the world can trust for it's words, where we have No Compromises!