From Painful Ankle Sprains to The Perfect Heels

From Painful Ankle Sprains to The Perfect Heels

By Hello Sargossa

From Painful Ankle Sprains to The Perfect Heels

I believe we all have stories of getting a quite horrible ankle sprain before an important event. Mine takes place a few years ago, when I naively thought that wearing incredibly thin heels for a long night out was a good idea…after five days of healing and lots of regret, I was finally able to walk again.

With Sargossa, I made sure these awkward ankle sprains don't happen to any of our customers. I wanted to empower women every step of the way, and knowing how frustrating missing a few days out of work can be, I tried and tried until finding the perfect method. The Sargossa heels, as a result, came out with designs that fit different kinds of feet and lifestyles. Whether it’s a relaxed, brunch and shopping kind of a day, or busy, three meetings plus picking up the kids Tuesday, our heels will stand their ground even on the toughest days.

And this means no ankle sprains.

How do ankle sprains happen?

Before I get into the ankle sprain-proof method, let’s talk about why ankle sprains really happen, especially when wearing heels. I know, lack of support is something we stress a lot in our articles, but trust me, it is one of the KEY sources of injuries. The thinner the heel and less support they have, the more likely you’ll end up twisting and spraining your ankle in them, as there’s nothing to help you get your balance back on time. And then, the cycle of healing starts with resting, icing and compress wraps…tiring, isn’t it?

The Sargossa Solution

Our heels are centred around your feet and stabilisation. With ankle grips on most of our designs, the steps you take are supported and controlled, ensuring you avoid getting out of balance and straining your ankle.

My picks for the most balance & support:

Chic - Although it has a sassy peep-toe design and gorgeous lace-up, Chic provides max comfort and support around the ankles!

Dare - Similarly to Chic, Dare has a stunning ankle-wrap design, crafted from soft leather with sassy gold studs.