Nanna Liv speaks about how to avoid the painful Pump Bump

Nanna Liv speaks about how to avoid the painful Pump Bump

By Hello Sargossa

Nanna Liv speaks about how to avoid the painful Pump Bump
You might have experienced pump bumps without even knowing what they are. These bony bumps appear on the back of the heel bone, causing constant pain and inflammation. While we tend to forgive any pain after wearing heels, saying they are normal, these deformations are 100% preventable! To ensure you can say goodbye to them for good, we gathered the pump bump’s causes, treatments and our pro-tips. 

So…how do pump bumps appear and can heels cause it?

Unfortunately, cheap heels are often the reason these uncomfortable knots appear. The bigger they get, the more you will sense the pain and find that you’re unable to wear certain shoes or walk for hours. Being on the heel, these deformations can be caused by harsh materials such as plastic that are on the back of heels, but it’s only a small part of the list. Yes, besides making your feet ache, ultra thin and high heels are also a reason for pump bumps, as they put irrational pressure on your feet. 

Remedies for the pump bump – saying goodbye to the pain forever 

If you’ve been experiencing the discomfort of pump bumps, we feel your pain. Luckily, there are various treatments that can ease the condition, such as ice, heel lifts or anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by professionals.

To ensure the problem doesn’t happen at all (which we can call the ultimate goal), we recommend creating a healthy shoe routine and switching to heels that reduce tension on the Achilles tendon. The Sargossa heels are known for fighting all inflammatory bumps and feet pain, and to combat pump bumps, our stilettos have various features.

 The calf leather composition of the heels provides a luxurious feel all day long. This is something you can usually only experience with the most expensive designer shoes…for us, this step was essential, as we know exactly how horrible it is to have a sturdy plastic material rub against the heels all day long. Besides the execptional materials, the ankle straps and ideal heel height and shape of our shoes create additional support and balance the notorious pressure throughout your whole feet naturally.

Experiencing feet pain can feel like something natural when wearing heels, a bit like a lost cause, but you should never think that. Spoil your legs with a pair of comfy stilettos to treat and prevent deformations like the pump bump.