Runway to Real Life

Runway to Real Life

By Hello Sargossa

Runway to Real Life
High heels can elevate entire looks, turn casual outfits into Friday night show stoppers. They look gorgeous, end of the story. However, when the pain kicks in from all the unexpected little details of heels that were meant for the runway and not real life, it can ruin the whole image.

Tip-Toeing Through the Runway 

We’re probably not the only ones who experienced feeling sorry for a model while she was rocking 13-14 cm heels down the runway. It looked just as painful and uncomfy as it was stunning, and although we wish we could be ballerinas all day long, tip-toeing down the streets, we have to be realistic and bring practicality into the picture. 

Runways vs. Daily Essentials


 Let’s be honest: the main problem with heels designed for runways is that they are simply not suitable for everyday wear. Because functionality is not a priority for runway pieces, they often have narrow toe boxes, no ankle support or irrationally high heels. These are all problems that can create serious long-term health issues besides the initial discomfort. Overall, yes, catwalk events can be very inspiring to look at, but heels have to be functional besides being glamourous.

It’s time to say goodbye to stilettos designed for the runway, and not real life.


The Everyday Saviour

The Sargossa heels are high, but our and our customers’ expectations are higher. After noticing the long list of issues with runway creations, we decided to design the perfect balance between feminine, sexy and functional.

We often get asked the question “how much does the height of the heels matter”,and we have to say that it can make or break a pair of stilettos. With the aim of bringing those stunning catwalk pieces straight into your wardrobe, we were on the quest to find the right heel size. Having an average height of 6.5 cm to 10 cm., our heels have a stylish flare, minus the pain and discomfort.

We believe that it's about time that women are offered a solution instead of expectations dictated by runway trends. And to break that cycle, Sargossa creates heels that were made for everyday wear. For the busy mums who have 100 things to do every day. For the uni students and working girls who wouldn't want to say goodbye to heels, even during the busiest days. For the women who value their health and are striving for the best option.