CSR report 2024/25

Providing excellent work conditions, being adaptive and conscious towards sustainability and communities outside of Sargossa, constantly improving production processes and lowering the brand's environmental footprint define the base ethics of Sargossa. These pillars provide work guidelines for both the team members and partners of the brand, showcasing Sargossa's universal approach to every segment from employment and production to customer service.


A series of steps ensures that Sargossa's values are aligned with its actions and social and environmental impact. Alongside working in-house to constantly grow and better the company, the brand also takes steps that makes an impact beyond Sargossa's expertise.


After starting our production in China in 2014, due to the lack of transparency and close monitoring of production conditions, Sargossa moved all processes to Europe, making Sargossa a fully European brand from sourcing to production. This change helped the brand take complete control and responsibility for its manufacturing and made sure the work guidelines are strictly followed at all times. All models and collections are produced in slow batches in Portugal, with consciously sourced materials where fully detailed specifications are available. To reduce our environmental footprint and waste levels, especially water waste, the brand uses different methods, such as using natural, uncoloured leather as inner lining to avoid unnecessary waste and any toxic against the skin since 2019.

Working Conditions

All Sargossa workers receive above national average wages and are provided excellent working conditions. Working 8 hour shifts and 1 hour break daily and national holidays automatically off, Sargossa prides itself in creating a high working standard throughout all 3 of its factories. The brand does not tolarate any form of discrimination or violation of human rights. To implement these rules, the company receives yearly reports from the workshop managers and pays visit to the workshops to experience the conditions first hand. To empower local communities and uplift women who otherwise could be vulnerable to work exploitation under different companies, 85% of Sargossa workers are women with an average age of 46, hired for long-term.


Sargossa employees focus on providing an outstanding customer service based on understanding, mutual respect and efficiency. Since 2014, the brand has proudly helped thousands of women with all parts of the shopping experience, whether that is providing more details, helping with returns or answering any other questions. Besides general enquiries, the brand promotes foot health with raising awareness about various health issues, healing processes and prevention.


Whether it's about past production practices or newly launched well-being initiatives, Sargossa offers complete transparency. Should you have any further questions about our factories, brand ethos or work conditions, please reach out to us any time at info@sargossa.com .

Social Initiative 

One Foundation Charity Collaboration

To implement the brand's core value of improving communities outside of its European manufacturing, Sargossa has recently started a partnership with the One Foundation to aid water-related projects in ares of Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya and Malawi.

This partnership allows the brand to provide financial aid to create eco-friendly water systems in various areas, train locals to sustain clear water systems and to raise awareness about the issue internationally. 20% of every sale of selected heels (Inspire in Black Suede, Chic in Navy Suede, Fairytale in Navy Suede) directly supports the foundation's incredible work, creating an impact beyond Sargossa's initial reach. The collaboration aligns with Sargossa's strive to create an international impact aiding and uplifting communities, reduce water waste and align with the 6th UN Sustainable Development Goal of Clean Water and Sanitation.

Stiletto Education Program

Another priority for Sargossa and founder Nanna Liv is passing on the expertise and knowledge to aid women. Granted a British Patent in 2018, Sargossa has a deep knowledge and understanding of foot health, based on years scientific research and innovation, and hopes to help thousands of women in the upcoming years. The Sargossa Stiletto Education Program, a free course over a series of emails was set up specifically for the reason to provide a more in-depth view of health and choosing footwear that heels the feet instead of damaging them.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, send an e-mail to: csr@sargossa.com