Responsible production

The Heel Factories 

When we set out to make our heels, we knew we wanted quality that would stand the test of time and fit for long and busy days.

Located in the small town Porto in Portugal, our 3 Heel Factories has been hand-crafting shoes with time-honored techniques for over 40 years and have with our innovativ insole added techniques and skilles that make forever lasting heels.

Ethical Manufacturing

Our Heel Factories are known throughout the industry for ethical practices and beautiful product. We were impressed by their organised process and keen attention to detail—unsurprisingly, they scored and average of whopping 93 on our compliance audit.

The Material

The simplest shapes often require the most detail. To create the timeless look we wanted for our Day Collection shoes, we needed a factory that could craft shoes the slow way. What we found was a place that used time-tested practices to create just what we wanted. The leather for our shoes is the softest we’ve used—supple with a delicate comfy insole, so it fits to your foot like a glove