Designed By Women For Women

Designed By Women For Women

By Hello Sargossa

Designed By Women For Women

Louboutin, Manolo, Giuseppe Zanotti… all brands create gorgeous shoes, dreamed by men for walking down the runway, but how suitable are they for everyday wear? After looking at the proportions of these stilettos, it’s easy to see how and why they can be soo painful.

Sexy… but unrealistic?

You might be wondering what the issues are with these haute couture creations. No doubt they are architectural masterpieces, but when it comes to comfort, they go against every rule and health concern. These heels are often known for their slenderness and incredibly thin and high heels. This can cause the heels to…

… be too steep from heel to toe: which yes, will make you feel like a ballerina trying to balance through her day

… give absolutely no support: the cause of ankle sprains, unexpected falls

… force your forefoot to carry most of your body weight: the reason you feel that sharp pain often days after wearing uncomfy heels

… be way too high: imagine handling all of the problems mentioned above at a 13 cm height! Sounds like a challenge, right?

What’s the solution?

The pattern of footwear designed by men leading the industry has been the same for the past decades. Luckily, the gap in the market for comfortable heels has been noticed and a slow disruption of modern, ethical brands created by women started. Women, who lived through and experienced all the struggles that can come with wearing heels. Women, who refused to say goodbye to heels or accept that stilettos must be uncomfortable for beauty.

As one of these women-led footwear brands, our approach is a confident one, based on research. After we’ve calculated the optimal drop between the heel and toe, we lowered a heel a bit and added a comfortable platform. Instead of the usual 86-93%, our stilettos carry only 36-56% of your body weight on your feet, making it feel like you’re walking on clouds in a healthier high heel.

We are a proud part of the female community that breaks the irrational high heel expectations. Holding a British Patent for our design and innovation showed that it's time to leave some room for women in the industry...because we got this!