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Handcrafted shoes

The Heel Factories

When we set out to make our heels, we knew we wanted quality that would stand the test of time and fit for long and busy days.

Located in the small town Porto in Portugal, our 3 Heel Factories has been hand-crafting shoes for over 40 years and have with our 360 Motion Insole added a innovativ technique and skillset that makes it possible to craft heels that are comfortable to wear without compromising on the aesthetics. 


Our factories are family owned business, that have been making quality shoes through generations, and who have been as eager as us to deliver shoes with added comfort. We have worked hard to perfect our shoes and technic that adds comfort to give you the freedom to wear heels for much longer.

Quality Material 

The simplest shapes often require the most detail. To create the timeless look we wanted for our Day Collection shoes, we needed a factory that could craft shoes the slow way. What we found was a place that used time-tested practices to create just what we wanted. The leather for our shoes is the softest we’ve used—supple with a delicate comfy insole, so it fits to your foot like a glove

Innovation meets old traditions 

We keep pushing boundaries and always strive to do more and better. In 2018 we came up with a heating technique to avoid glue when adding lining into our shoes, and in 2019 we moved away from coloured lining inside our shoes to avoid toxics against skin, and we keep evolving to ensure we deliver the best shoes possible.