Nanna Liv speaks about: The Harmful Side of Fast-Fashion Shoes

Nanna Liv speaks about: The Harmful Side of Fast-Fashion Shoes

By Hello Sargossa

Nanna Liv speaks about: The Harmful Side of Fast-Fashion Shoes
While the price tag of fast fashion faux leather heels might sound convincing, please think before saying yes to a PVC piece.
What should you know and learn about the materials your heels are made of? Keep on reading! 

Plastic on our feet? No thank you!

We all know the tempting feeling of stocking up the summer closet with 5 new pair of heels and paying next to nothing…until we think about how they’re made and how does it feel like to wear untreated plastic on our feet all day long. Cheap, seasonal “faux leather” heels have a long list of cons and harmful attributes that are best to be avoided, regardless of their claimed benefits.

  1. Harmful for you

Replaced by “faux leather”, the actual material of these heels is often hidden. Unfortunately, many pairs contain petroleum-derived materials that have a higher consistency of chlorine. Instead of being gentle and hugging your feet, this unhealthy material will not settle around your feet, causing discomfort, injuries and sweaty feet…something we’d all like to avoid. While we can’t emphasise how these heels can cause blisters and bunions, there are also a variety of back and hip problems that all start from wearing the wrong shoes.

  1. Harmful for the environment

Because of their low quality and material, mass-produced, faux leather shoes are responsible for causing pollution. From the chemicals used in the manufacturing process to the fact that they are unusable after a few months, they have a constant negative effect on the environment. This effect shows in various forms, including air pollution and adding extra waste to wastefields.

  1. Harmful for your wallet

Although they are insanely affordable in the beginning, the many issues these fast fashion heels have, all tied together don’t make good financial investments. They can last anywhere from weeks (we’ve all been there – finding a pretty pair that lost its straps in a few weeks) to about 4-5 months, while a quality pair could last for years and years.

Besides their short lifespan, all the minor injuries and seeking the help of a medical expert after wearing cheap shoes for years will add up to a lengthy bill. I will never forget spending a fortune on creams and plasters for my horrible blisters after buying a pair of fast fashion heels that I fell in love with…. now I realise it was a bad investment.

The Sargossa Approach Similarly to our design process, we like to follow the traditional, artisanal way and are handcrafting our shoes from quality skinds in Europe, where each dying process is carefully read and understood, as we want your feet to avoid contact with harmfull chemicals and only be in a shoe where the material allows your foot to breath.

We say no thank you to PVC shoes.