The Couture Way of Craftsmanship - About The Sargossa Workshops

The Couture Way of Craftsmanship - About The Sargossa Workshops

By Hello Sargossa

The Couture Way of Craftsmanship - About The Sargossa Workshops
When it comes to making the shoes, we prefer the old-fashion, couture way of handcrafting every single design. To give you a glimpse into our work process and how our workers turn the sketches and drafts into reality, we gathered everything you need to know about the Sargossa workshop.

 Where All The Magic Happens

Welcome to the beautiful, sunny town of Porto, Portugal, where the Sargossa workshop is based. Here, you can find our amazing team who are just as passionate about our heels as we are, and what can we say – they truly make a difference in the industry. With their expertise, our workers ensure the kind of quality and excellence we promote and promise to our customers. 

From cutting the leather to inspecting the finished design for any possible mistakes, it’s all done by hand. Yes, the process is long, and might make you wonder why we’re sticking to this method. But it also adds an irreplaceable authenticity to the heels, making each and every pair of heels an individual design that was perfected by the hands of people passionate about shoemaking. 

What is Good Craftsmanship?


Being something we constantly rave about, the importance of good craftsmanship definitely deserves its own paragraph. For us, it means no compromise, no rush, no cutting corners. It exudes quality and strives for perfection, something that can only be done with a crazy focus and attention to detail.

 Empowering Women Through Work

Besides the quality, we have another good reason to operate in a workshop instead of sending our sketches off to factories and wait for the fast fashion product to arrive.

Before even starting Sargossa, one of the main aspects of the brand was transparency. Being honest about where and how our heels made and making a connection with the workers was extremely important, because it promotes what the brand stands for.

83% of our workers are women, which also helps us oversee social problems and being part of the solution. Stable employment and fair wages are unfortunately still not standards for many fashion brands, so standing up against that and enabling women is something we genuinely believe in.

 As one of our signature quotes says on the soles of the heels…

 Why are we sharing all of this with you? Because we believe that knowing where our clothes and shoes come from is just as important as their design details. Sustainable fashion is an exciting and long journey that we encourage everyone to get started on. With talking about our workshops, we uncover our slow fashion responsibility.