"A Red Carpet Favourite Loved for its Daring Femininity"

Nanna's Notes

Back by popular demand, Redefined in Urano Nappa strikes with a pragmatic balance between fashion & practicality. Loved for its intertwining curves expertly cut from Italian leather, Redefined showcases the finest of craftsmanship, blended with the signature Sargossa comfort. Bring out its gold tone, urano shade with a beige midi dress.

  • Outer heel height: 10.7 cm, inner heel height: 7.5 cm

  • 100% Italian leather
    Adapts to the feet for the perfect fit

  • Open toe & integrated platform
    Provide the comfort of a pair of sneakers

  • Soft 360 motion insole, Patent GB2522923
    Takes the pressure off the feet for all-day support

  • Inspirational quote on the soles
    Adds an uplifting finishing touch to the design

  • Crafted in Portugal
    Under ethical conditions. Learn more about our secret & workshop

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