"A Work Classic That Knows No Limits"

Nanna's Notes

Destiny in Black is a timeless new style, designed after years of researching a design that you can wear for both work and happy-hour drinks. Shaped with rounded edges at the back of the foot to protect it, this model provides the benefit of holding your foot in place much better than ordinary pumps. A true waredrobe essential that is available with different heel hights, making sure you have a beautiful essential for any occasion (view model Decision to see it with higher heels.)

  • 100% Italian leather
    Adapts to the feet for the perfect fit

  • Rounded edges & soft heel tab
    Provide the comfort of a pair of sneakers

  • Soft 360 motion insole, Patent GB2522923
    Takes the pressure off the feet for all-day support

  • Inspirational quote on the soles
    Adds an uplifting finishing touch to the design

  • Crafted in Portugal
    Under ethical conditions. Learn more about our secret & workshop

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