Stilettos To Be Thankful For

The sweet smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie, a juicy turkey roasted to perfection and glasses of tasty wines to wash down the delectable feast that is, Thanksgiving. Each and every year, American Thanksgiving is not only a time to stuff our faces with all kinds of delicious and decadent autumn dishes but to also reflect on all of the many luxuries of life that we are thankful for. This year, there is one fashionable luxury that every woman should be extra thankful for; a luxury that our wardrobes simply could not live without and a true necessity to our everyday lives, our beloved shoes. A good pair of high heels brings our outfits to life and carries us through our busy and exciting lives. They can offer many different functions depending on their style, but we know that there are certain qualities that the perfect shoe must always possess. This Thanksgiving, we would like to break down the key qualities that each and every woman should keep in mind the next time she’s on the hunt for a fabulous new addition to her shoe tribe. And thus, to always be thankful for a genuinely good pair of stilettos.

Sargossa Momentum Black Stiletto  

The Stiletto That Gives Us… 

COMFORT! The perfect stiletto shoes should always give you the comfort and support that you need to get through your busy days and wild nights. We understand that there are high heels out there that look irresistibly fabulous, but the moment we give them that test run we realize that they have a short life span in the comfort department. And ladies, the pain is just not worth it, especially when the best of both worlds really does exist in the right stilettos. Comfortable and fabulous is what makes for a pair of happy feet.


The Shoe That Makes Us Feel…

LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! Now let’s just keep in mind, feeling like a million bucks is very possible to do without breaking the bank. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, every woman wants to feel confident, beautiful and secure when she’s about to take on her day. The right pair of stilettos, along with her smashing outfit, is just one of the many ingredients us women use to feel ultra fearless and powerful. Take it from us; rocking a good pair of high heels that make you feel like a million bucks is definitely how you want to be stepping out into each and every day.  


The Shoe That Lets Us…

DANCE ALL NIGHT! And by “dance all night”, we don’t necessarily mean out in the club until 4:00 am, we mean the stilettos that can take us from morning to night and works with any occasion. But of course, it is important that a comfortable stiletto has the flexibility that is required to bust out some killer dance moves every now and then. Whether a high heel, ballet flat or pump, you want to feel that in your day the possibilities are endless and the very last worry on your mind is about kicking off your shoes. You want to believe that if the opportunity happens to present itself, you could, in fact, dance the night away without a single hesitation.  

Author: Ciara Koth

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