Surviving a Night Out in the Right Heels

It’s that time of the week we’ve all been patiently waiting for since the start of that early Monday morning struggle. The time where the busy work- week finally comes to an end and we can kick up our feet, engage in our favourite social activities and above all let freedom reign (well, at least until Monday returns once again). The weekend brings many opportunities, some of which may include getting all dolled up and giving your hard working self a much-needed break out on the town. Whether it’s just you and your girls looking to bust out a few innocent moves in the club or you’ve landed a spiffy date night with your crush, creating the perfect look from head to toe is always your main priority.
When it comes to getting ready for a night out, we tend to put “comfort” on the back burner, which is completely fair, as we have totally earned the right to give ourselves a little extra pampering at the weeks end. However, we do run the risk of living out the fate that involves walking the streets in bare and blackened feet with our 6 inch heels of regret in hand, by the end of the night. It is time we take back the control of this fate and realize that we can still look fabulous without sacrificing our comfort completely.
We have made up a list of some alternative going out heeled shoe suggestions. Which involves swapping out your sky-high stilettos for some more feet-friendly heels that won’t compromise your super stylish and sexy going out attire.


The Chunky Heel

Who doesn’t like a heel with a bit of meat on it? Sometimes a super skinny stiletto doesn’t have to be the only way to go. A chunkier heel will not only provide you with that extra stability but also they can virtually be worn with any type of outfit whether it’d be a casual pair of blue jeans or a classic little black dress. The chunky heel will definitely add more substance to your stylish outfits and you can get around on your two feet a lot easier and for a much longer time at that.

The Sargossa Suggestion - Adore Black Pumps in Suede

Adore Blac Pumps

The Bootie

As long as you got a bootie with a decent heel for height, then don’t eliminate this option for your next night out. The beauty about a bootie is that it is the shoe that takes you from day to night in anything from trousers, to a cute dress or even a mini skirt. So not only do they work with ultimately any outfit but also the bootie is definitely made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.

The Sargossa Suggestion - Deluxe Heeled Boots 

Deluxe Heeled Boots

The Caged Heel

The cage style heel will definitely carry your feet through a night of dancing and jumping around from bar to bar. The support of the cage design is all you need to feel comfortable and secure the whole night through. The heel doesn’t have to be crazy high once again, but this style allows your foot to feel supported and sexy all at the same time.

The Sargossa Suggestion - Redefined Silver Stiletto

Redefined Silver Stiletto

The Super Short & Sassy Heel

So by short, we mean no more than about a 3-inch heel and sassy because even though it doesn’t have the most height ever, it’s still got enough style to give your outfit the “wow” factor that it needs. And above all, your feet can get through the night and are safe from any unnecessary pain.

The Sargossa Suggestion - Harmony Nude Stiletto 

Harmony Nude Stiletto

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