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The Health Concerns of Flats: Are they worse than heels?

Although they usually look like the comfier option, flats can be unhealthy and uncomfortable as well, more than a pair of sleek, high-quality heels. The original conversation starter about the disadvantages was a Vogue article discussing how many of their editors ended up wearing aircrafts after wearing slim flats, and we couldn’t have been happier to see people talking about the problem.

Who hasn’t wondered why a pair of so-comfortable-looking flats don’t work the way they should? Our answer is simple: without any proper arch support or heel, flats cause serious health issues such as tearing and overstretching, problems that temporarily resting the feet won’t solve.

We know, sometimes, they can feel like you’re walking barefoot in the middle of the city, your shoes just being accessories rather than the support-system your busy life would need.

How Different Flats Can Affect Your Feet

Ballerina Flats

Often way too narrow for the feet and lacking a natural drop from heel to toe, ballerina flats can make your feet hurt after a few hours of wearing them. The first thing people might start noticing after wearing ballerina flats is that the narrow, dainty toebox of these designs doesn’t give enough room for the front of the feet, which can cause nerve inflammation. Wearing these delicate shoes feels a bit like walking on paper, without any additional support, this can lad to hip, spine and knee damage.


Besides being fashion no-gos, flip flops can actually be harmful to wear. Without any additional support, flip-flops are really just plastic slightly wrapped around the feet that can cause health problems relating to the knees and pelvis.

How to Solve the Pain

If you’ve already feel the lasting effect of flats, we have a few tips for you to ease the pain and change the habits that caused it. Give your feet a break with a relaxing, ice cool towel and gentle stretching exercises, and if you don’t see an improvement anytime soon, don’t be afraid to ask for a professional’s assistance.

For the future, say goodbye to your thin ballerina flats and switch them to comfortable heels, strappy sandals and sneakers with a minimum of 1.5cm height. When it comes to choosing flats, avoid thin soles and slim-fit silhouettes and opt for thicker heels and comfortable insoles.

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